Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Path - from one thing to the next

New beginnings; as of January 1, 2013, I have moved out of any operational role from Redspin,  the information security company that I founded in 2001. After a decade as a target on which to focus my passion for technology, it's time to focus my energy elsewhere. The sun sets, but it also rises. While many things are uncertain for me as to what the future brings (as perhaps with anyone), one constant in my life has been my interest in technology, the Internet and the business models and startup opportunities associated with this evolution.

As I focus my time and energy into the areas of technology innovation that interest me most, I thought a blog would be a useful tool to document my efforts. Not only will it provide a basis for communication, but the format will also provide a timeline as I evolve my thinking into my next business model or opportunity.

So I don't have any expectations as to what this blog will include or fulfill, other than it will provide a place for me to periodically document areas of technology that I am working on.

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