Thursday, May 22, 2014

Genymotion - Setting up for Android Studio & Titanium Appcelerator

I needed to test a new Android device today and decided it was time to give Genymotion a try. So far a great experience that has greatly simplified the installation and running of new emulators. Below are steps involved to get Genymotion running for both Android Studio and Titanium Appcelerator on a Mac (OS X 10.9.3)

Get Genymotion and dependencies

Get and install Virtual Box if you don't have it already, as this is a dependency:

Get Genymotion:

Configure Development Environments

Configure for Android Studio

Android Studio --> Preferences --> Plugins

Click the button: "Install JetBrains Plugin..."

Select "Genymotion" from the link

Restart Android Studio

Run Genymotion

Install & run an emulator.

Go to Android Studio and the emulator should be available as an option as you build and launch your app.

Configure Titanium Appcelerator (Version 3.2)

Add config to Titanium from your shell.
ti config genymotion.enabled true

View config to verify you have a section for "Genymotion Emulators"
ti info -t android

Run Genymotion
Install & run an emulator.

Then you should be able to run the app in the emulator you ran in Genymotion from Titanium Studio.

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